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Kledingwinkel Common Kin

As from September first two thousand and eleven, all inhabitants and visitors of The Hague have a new experience, in the form of a men’s clothing store on the Papestraat 22, named Common Kin.

Common Kin however, is more than a store. It is a brand pertaining to a way of life and a way to view life.

Studio intussen created the custom made interior design of Common Kin. The interior of the store is Authentically Surprising, as is the concept and clothing of Common Kin. Yet the surprising design does not affect the functionality and practicality of the store. It is visible that the concept of the shop, the clothing in it, and the interior design add value to each other. The interior is an extension of the concept and welcomes the visitors to come in and be surprised by Common Kin’s wonderful collection.

The interior design of Common Kin is made with raw, natural and basic materials like cardboard, leather and wood. This gives the store an authentic look and feel. The shape of elements used in the store are simple, without excess, but characteristic. This gives the store a clean, yet warm and rich feeling, where everybody can feel welcome.


Owner: Johan Stork

Concept development: Maurice Ajanaku, Jos Kel and Johan Stork

Graphic design: Jos Kel

Interior design: Studio Intussen

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